The SHREDDER Program™

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THE SHREDDER PROGRAM   + Exclusive Shredder App

What is the Program?

The Shredder Program™ was developed in 2011 by Chris Hintz (Owner of Fivestar) to help his clients obtain the most incredible body transformations in the shortest amount of time possible. Over the last decade-plus, the program has withstood the test of time when it comes to all the different diet fads that the industry has tried to bring to market. This is not a fad, it is not a gimmick. It is a straightforward blueprint for how to hit your body composition goals within a realistic given time frame. You only need to commit and watch the process take place. Literally thousands of people have seen incredible changes when following this program and have learned the tools necessary to maintain their new healthy weight for sustained success. This can be a life-changing experience in a very short amount of time. The choice is yours. 

What comes with it?

Purchasing this item comes with a customized meal plan & workout program to help you achieve the most drastic body composition change possible. You will be contacted via email after purchase to gather more information from you to help create your program. You will also have access to the Shredder App which has tons of recipe ideas, community support, and coaching available. 

(*Supplements not included with this option)