Cranked Naturals- Plant Protein w/ BCAA + GLutamine - 60 servings

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Our plant based protein powder is a blend of organic pea, hemp, and brown rice proteins; this unique blend results in a complete amino profile rich in essential amino acids.  A bit of the essential amino acid lysine is added to further complete the amino acid profile. L-Glutamine and branched chain amino acids are added to improve muscle recovery and repair.  Organic tumeric and ceylon cinnamon help to reduce inflammation caused by a strenuous workout.  Our plant protein sport is a great addition to a smoothie, or can be mixed with plain water or any plant based milk. 

Organic Plant Protein Blend
Organic Hemp, Brown Rice & Pea

Muscle Repair
BCAA's, L-Glutamine & Lysine

Organic Turmeric & Ceylon Cinnamon

2.4lb tub = 60 Servings

Ingredients: *Plant Protein Blend (*Pea, *Brown Rice, *Hemp),  *Pumpkin, Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex (BCAA), L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, Cane Sugar, *Vanilla Extract, *Turmeric, *Ceylon Cinnamon, *Nutmeg, *Ginger, *Pure Stevia Extract (*organic)

Vegan | Gluten Free