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What is EPH 100?

EPH 100 is not like any other fat burner on the market. This product contains caffeine, which has always been a known weight loss aide with a big upside on energy boosting, Ephedra which is a more concentrated energy boosting ingredients which makes this product stand out from the others. † There is also another proprietary blend that contains all specialized ingredients that aide in weight loss support. If you take the time and do a little research into the ingredients that are in this blend you will see why this product is one of the best on the market! †


  • Caffeine (Anhydrous)

Proprietary Ephedran X Blend:

  • Ephedra viridis

Proprietary Blends:

(include caffeine - ephedran X)

  • 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione,3,4-Dihydroxy-5-oxo-tetrahydrofuran-2-yl]-2-hydroxy-acetaldeh yde, 2-phenylethan-1-amine, 17a-hydroxyyohimban-16a-carboxylic acid methyl ester, Urticadioica [nettle root extract]

Thermonex Blend:

  • (S)-2-Amino-3-phenylpropanoic acid , 7-[2-hydroxy-3-(2-hydroxyethyl-methylamino)propyl]-1,3-dimethylpurine-2,6-dione

What can I expect?

As you begin to make your diet pill selection, and you’re looking at EPH 100 from Delta Health Products, you will want to know what the benefits are of taking this pill versus taking other pills. There are a number of ways that EPH 100 can help:

  • Energy boost - While you might have guessed that the caffeine in EPH 100 would help your energy levels, it’s all too important when you’re trying to lose weight. As you begin to cut back on your calories, you begin to have less energy available to your body. And a natural reaction is to eat more to feel more energized. †
  • Fat burning – The ephedra extracts in EPH 100 also helps with increasing your body’s ability to burn fat instead of burning muscle. When this happens, you can make your body leaner, without impacting your metabolism. Your body wants to burn muscle when it’s not eating enough, but EPH 100 can help reduce the chance of this happening. †
  • Appetite suppression - Many people have troubles watching their calories when they’re trying to lose weight. It’s difficult to change the way you eat, especially if you’ve been eating that way for a while. But EPH 100 can help you reduce the number of calories you eat, without feeling hungry. †


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