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WHY ARIMESTAGE PCT 50? - As a standalone, bridge or PCT. It gets its name and formulation design from a long line of EPG aromatase inhibitors (Arimedexin - Arimestage 5 - Arimestage 50 - ArimeZome 50). Currently 50mgs of Epiandrosterone per cap, now replaces 5mgs epistane from years ago to maintain strength gains. Back in 2008 there were NO products whose ingredients actually acted as a strength gainer while boosting testosterone and simultaneously inhibiting estrogen levels. Once Scoffed at as not a “true” PCT… this innovation is now copied by most leading extreme products manufacturers.

EPG, the original Extreme Products Group continues this innovation with Liposomal Technology. LIPSOMAL STEALTH DELIVERY passes 99% of the ArimeZome 50 formulation through the destructive gastric system to be delivered to the blood stream undetected. Liposomal Stealth delivery is the most advanced technology ever developed for getting poorly absorbed testosterone boosting and other herbal compounds into the body so they can work. Our body`s low absorption and bioavailability of a hydrophobic (fat-soluble) molecules, allows perhaps 14% of the actual product ingested to actually enter the blood stream. With Liposomal technology the bioavailability is 99%. EPIANDROSTERONE Also known as 3b-hydroxy-etioallocholan-17-one – 50mg - This compound is a derivative of DHEA and a precursor to DHT. Increasing DHT levels, promotes sex drive and a better overall mood. It is especially good for strength gains, muscle density and definition; which makes it great to use during a cutting cycle. One additional benefit of epiandrosterone is that it appears to have some immediate neurological effects, so taking a serving before a workout can aid in strength and aggression.

TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER COMPLEX BULBINE NATALENSIS - Referred to As Concentrated D Aspartic Acid This herbal extract from South Africa has been shown to be an effective natural testosterone booster. In fact, research has demonstrated that Bulbine Natalensis can increase testosterone by an amazing 347% as well as reduce levels of estrogen!

EURYCOMA LONGIFOLIA The root and bark of Eurycoma longifolia are used for treating erectile dysfunction (ED), increasing interest in sex, male infertility, boosting athletic performance, body building, and reducing body fat. .

AVENA SATIVA - Sowing Your Wild Oats It was used as a medicine for its effect on sexual stimulation, prior to being used as food. This plant may have sparked the phrase “sowing your wild oats". EPIMEDIUM or Horny Goat Weed Is a powerful remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for thousands of years to promote male potency, libido, and as an aphrodisiac.

MUCUNA PURIEN Contains L-DOPA, also known as Levodopa This is a dopamine precursor that comes from an herb native to Africa and Central Asia used to provide support for brain function, muscle health and libido ESTROGEN INHIBITOR BLEND • Androst 3,5-dien-7, 17-dione - a metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA, is a natural aromatase inhibitor that blocks the aromatase from converting testosterone into estrogen. • The Androst 3,5 ingredient attaches to the aromatase enzyme preserving testosterone levels and preventing estrogen levels from increasing, also it`s anti-catabolic properties work to block cortisol production. •

Grape seed extract helps circulation also reduces swelling DETOXIFY ANTIOXIDANT PROTECTION Liver Support - N-Acetyl Cysteine; Milk Thistle which helps to detoxify and clean the liver for normal function and health. NAC, or N-Acetyl Cysteine, is an amino-acid derivative restores levels of Glutathione which is the body’s strongest antioxidant and is important because it helps protect the liver from toxins.. WHO CAN TAKE ARIMEZOME 50? Hardcore men in the Gym, after completing any SARM or PH cycle. ARIMEZOME 50 is the undisputed champion for users looking for a PCT or to Bridge a cycle, and keep strength gains! There are few products whose ingredients actually boost testosterone while simultaneously inhibiting estrogen levels.