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Gainsville U.S.A. next stop. Time to pack on some serious muscle with the cleanest mass gainer ever developed. Don't settle for a cheap mass gainer with the lowest quality whey concentrate and extremely high sugar content. Instead choose Mass 600 by Optimum for its high quality whey Isolate protein and its ridiculously low sugar content of only 4gms for 3 scoops! Lean muscle is the only muscle you want.

Only COMPLETE MASS 600 by Optimum Health brings together the highest-quality, anabolic, championship-grade calories, proteins and carbohydrates in one easy-to-use, highly-effective formula. By combining a scientifically formulated professional-caliber blend of time-released proteins and an anabolic carb matrix that give you 600 growth-triggering calories per serving, COMPLETE MASS 600 builds serious size.

The time-released, professional-strength protein blend in COMPLETE MASS 600 contains a full 50 grams of highly bioavailable fast, medium and slow-acting proteins that supply your hard-working muscles with a steady stream of growth-triggering amino acids for up to five continuous hours. As a result, you get an all-day positive nitrogen balance that prevents muscle wasting and that triggers constant muscle growth!

*Mix 1 serving (3 scoops) with 10-16oz of cold water or milk.