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Metabolic Nutrition E.S.P. 300 grams

From Metabolic Nutrition comes E.S.P. (Energy Stimulant Pre-workout), the ultimate pre-workout that delivers high-energy without the crash or jitters! Just one scoop of E.S.P. prior to your training session will have you feeling ready to conquer whatever challenges the gym throws at you. With E.S.P. in your arsenal, you can expect maximum energy, improved athletic performance, explosive strength and power, laser-like focus, and supercharged endurance. With an all-star stimulant blend, Metabolic Nutrition really pulled out all the stops on this powerful pre-workout. Featuring 500mg of caffeine per serving alongside a hefty dose of the popular stimulant Theobromine, E.S.P. is sure to energize even the most fatigued gym rat. What's more, E.S.P. also contains Tyrosine, a non-essential amino acid that functions to improve your mood, so you can stay motivated while you push past your limits. To top things off, E.S.P. is loaded with beta-alanine, which works to reduce acid buildup in your muscles during training so that you can keep working out long after your muscles would have ordinarily given out. With E.S.P., you'll have 4+ hours of clean energy without a crashing comedown on the flipside. What are you waiting for? Order your tub of E.S.P. today and take your workout to the next level!


  • Fast-acting pre-workout
  • Maximum energy formula
  • Boosts athletic performance
  • Extends endurance
  • Enhances strength and power
  • Provides razor sharp focus
  • Promotes improved mood/motivation

Directions and Dosage

Metabolic Nutrition recommends that beginners assess tolerance by mixing 1 small scoop with 6-8oz. of water prior to exercise. Once tolerance is assessed, increase to 2 small scoops if desired. With caution, for extreme energy release for advanced athletes and/or persons tolerant of high stimulants, take 1 large scoop. Do not exceed 1 large scoop daily. Do not consume less than 4 hours prior to desired bedtime.

Available Flavors

Green Apple
Fruit Punch
Blue Raspberry