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  • Supports increases in both total and free test*
  • Supports lower estrogen levels*
  • Supports lower cortisol levels*
  • Supports increased muscle protein synthesis*

Test BLACK™ was formulated with a single goal in mind - to maximize natural test production and promote all things male within you. Countless hours were spent on the research and development of Test BLACK™.

Only the best, clinically validated ingredients were painstakingly chosen and dosed at efficacious levels. The final product aggressive, cutting edge formula that enhances test levels, bolsters performance and helps pack on lean, hard muscle.

Take a look at a few key ingredients in Test BLACK's™ open-label formula and see why it is a dream come true:

  • Boron - Suggested in human clinical research to support free test and decrease estradiol in just 7 days.
  • Maca Extract - To help block the body's production of estrogen while boosting test levels.
  • Turkesterone - Works by hacking the stress response of your body and regulating a stable balance in the adrenal, hypothalamic as well as pituitary glands. These glands generate separately, which regulate your mood, body’s growth, vision, blood pressure, and many others.
  • Tongkat Ali - Encourages favorable balance by combating cortisol and supporting optimal test-to-cortisol ratio within the normal range. 

Compare any other so-called “test booster” on the market to Test BLACK™ and you’ll see that it pales in comparison.

No shortcuts were taken and no expense was spared in making Test BLACK™ a potent, test boosting powerhouse.

With Test BLACK™ you will leave weak at the door and total domination will ensue in the gym and on the field. Hands down, Test BLACK™ is sport’s nutrition's most advanced test booster….period!