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TRI Pharm’s K4™ uses Creatine MagnaPower® (us patent #6114379) to solve the old problems of creatine monohydrate. It has been proven to create a higher level of absorption and utilization then plain creatine alone. Clinical studies showed it most strongly regenerated energy needed for anaerobic performance and can help enhance the body’s ability to generate and regenerate ATP for ultimate muscle performance. It can also help facilitate oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue as well as distribute more energy.* In addition, K4™ also has added L-Arginine HCL for additional nitric oxide which is critical for supporting blood flow and nutrient delivery to active cells, Alpha Lipoid Acid as an antioxidant protecting against damage to the body’s cells along with extra energy and lastly, Vanadyl for additional absorption.* U.S. PATENT #6114379 INCREASE MUSCLE MASS* NO LOADING OR BLOATING* IMPROVE STRENGTH & ENDURANCE* SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take one serving before exercise. For increased effectiveness, take an additional serving immediately following exercise.